Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Data Protection Commisioner will keep an eye on Google Street View Service

GIODO, the Polish authority responsible for protecting our personal data has published a short opinion on Google Street View service. In the opinion of the Commissioner the service cannot be prohibited a limine, but Google will be observed by GIODO. Some commentators viciously noted that GIODO is observed by Google by itself - the new web page of this governmental agenda uses Google Analytics script to monitor the traffic on the page ... Apart of that GIODO uses Google search bar on the front page with the Google logo on it. Personally I share the opinion that GIODO has no formal competences to act in this case. The Act on the protection of personal data limits the scope of GIODO’s power to the personal data protection, which does not cover the privacy issues. The latter may be the subject of protection given under civil code which defines privacy as a legal right, protected through civil remedies.