Sunday, February 24, 2008

Data protection once again

After problems with data protection compliance of most popular Polish social - network site the problems touched a company responisble for draw of tickets for EURO 2008. In the fisrt day of gathering the data a data leak happened. Such information as PESEL (evidentional number of every citizen), bank account number, credit card number was avaliable for othe users. Data Protection Commisioner Office started investigation. The owner may face adminsiatrative fine and in the worst scenario may be senteced for imprisoment up to 2 years ! Take care when you do business it the web.

Katowice goes Open Source

Katowice, a city in Silesia goes Open Source. The magistrate resigned from MS Office and is buing just Open Office - the PR men says - " Up to date we bought 327 computers with Open Office only, saving thus 300 kPLN (around EUR 85 k ) a year. Wish you luck !

Monday, February 04, 2008

New Connect - hi-tech stock exchange market

New Connect is the stock exchange market created for hi-tech companies as a part of Warsaw Stock Exchange.