Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Be careful when using agreement templates

Looking for software development contract ? Or bespoke agreement ? It is not much complicated to find on Google some templates of such agreements but using them may be tricky for you. Please bear in mind that each contract shall have it's own structure and obligations. It is better to write with your own words what are you willing to do with your client then to conclude 30-pages long agreement in which 90% of the content will be useless and what is more dangerous - confusing for the reader. It’s just the conclusion of the day : )

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Will Apple sue Polish Football Association for Euro 2012 presentation ?

It is reported that Apple considers taking legal steps against Polish Football Association for alleged copyright infringment. Apple asserts that a presentation used by Polish - Ukraine Euro 2012 team at Cardiff to present the joint offer of these two countreis infringes a copyrighted iPod commercial. There is no doubt that the clips below are similar and the author of "football" one was inspired by iPod ad. As to the infringment .. please judge by yourself. In my opinion it's just the inspiration, following the general idea , therefore it can't be considered as copyright infringment. Generally, Apple has many 'copyright' troubles with Poles recently - please read the story of Tomasz Rychlicki who published at his blog the alternative set of iPhone icons.